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Most of us find making our will a difficult thing to do.  However, careful planning as to what will happen when we die can save a substantial amount of money and make the lives of our loved ones who survive us a lot easier during a very difficult time.  No matter how small you think it is, if you own any asset at all, you should consider making a will.  This allows you to decide what happens to your property on your death.  It can be changed or revised at any time during your lifetime as your circumstances change. 

If you have substantial property, it becomes even more important to make your will as greater taxation issues can arise.  Our solicitors can advise you on the planning of your estate to minimise the liability for tax.  Prudent estate planning where property is put into joint names of a loved one or intended beneficiaries can avoid the necessity of your next of kin having to extract a Grant of Probate.

It is very important if you have children under the age of 18 that you make a will to appoint guardians for those children in the event of your death.

Did you know? Your will must be renewed on marriage as marriage invalidates an existing will unless it is made specifically in contemplation of your marriage.

In the event of the death of a loved one, our experts provide a sensitive service in the administration of their estate.  You can trust our experienced staff to help guide you during the most difficult times and to provide accessible advice for you and your family.

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